Birds, Bugs, and Boats Behind

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Part III The Unlocking The day to go North came so very quickly and before I knew it, I was on a bus filled with strange faces, on my way to a place I honestly didn’t really feel like going … Continue reading

Close Your Eyes


Have you ever simply closed your eyes and just listened to the breeze?  Listened to the whistling of the leaves and that quiet in between?  There really isn’t anything else like it.  It carries you away on a lighthearted symphony that is so soft and so free.  Take a moment and come along with me.

When you’re here, there’s never any rush.  Take your time, and embrace it all.  Look around you, breathe it all in.  This is beauty in its rawest form and you are here to witness it.  Listen to every chirp, every groan, and every creak.  Let every sound, smell, and sight fill you up.  Lay in it and let it hold you.

What you are witnessing is a living, breathing masterpiece; a muse eternal.

I have never felt a love, a joy, or a sense of wonder like this.  Nothing can compare.  I am whole here and there isn’t a worry in the world.

So close your eyes and take a moment. Take it now.  What you’re missing is floating on the wind.

Into the Wild


My senses are alive with the fragrant aroma and magnificent view.

I am consumed.

I have given myself over to something larger.

Something wild and untouchable.

Something so alive, so powerful.

It is all dancing.  It is singing.

No, she does not dance for you.  Nor does she sing for me.  This is a piece presented for no one and that is the most beautiful thing about it.





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Love is More Than Just Two People

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Love is more than just two people.  Love is a connection to something bigger.  I can see that now. I’ve been going for a lot of walks with my camera lately and everything seems so much more alive than ever … Continue reading

My Fear


Fear is a large blanket, covered in many different scenarios.  Fear means many things to many people.  For me fear is the movement of six little legs, moving my way.  Fear is standing on the peak of my favourite mountain, looking down, and trying not to let the edge pull me off.  It is the affection of a lover from whom I have yet  to gain trust.  Fear comes to me in the form of a compliment I do not believe.  Fear is not knowing what is lurking in the shadows when I am alone in the eve’.  Fear is opening up my doors and dropping all of my walls with a very great chance of being burned.  I am afraid of moments like this, writing a post, where I fear I am unable to outdo my last one. Fear is that moment when my heart nearly stops in my chest and I don’t know what to do next to change the path of the situation.  Fear is the bane of my existence.  The thing that holds me back from all of the wild adventure in the unknown.  Fear for me is the word “no” when “yes” should be the only answer.


What is fear for you?


All pictures and words are my own.©

Three Songs That Mean Something to Me


Mac Lethal- Life is Death Is (So Damn Good)

This song kicked me in the chest and made me fall on my back.  That’s how much emotion is in the lyrics.  This song reminds me that there are things that are more important than what we believe.  Beauty, dreams, attitude, material items etc.  We should be out LIVING LIFE.  When you die your beauty, dreams, attitude etc. die with you.  On the other hand, if you are out DOING things and being a beautiful person inside, then you live on after death and you leave something valuable behind. This song made me realize that dreams don’t matter if you don’t ever do anything with them.  That is why it is better to have goals and aspirations.  It also reminds me that even though things may not be the way I’d like them to be I can still be positive and feel great about my life and keep pushing forward.

Jack White- Freedom at 21

Jack White surprised me and opened up my mind to some things I hadn’t really thought of before, the abuse of women’s rights.  He mentions a women not caring about the wounds she inflicts upon him and how he gets in trouble for it because she “has freedom in the 21st century”  .  The thing about this song that really gets me is how true it is.  I think it is very unfair that women are abusing the rights we have worked so hard to get.  We, as women, should be taking responsibility for our actions rather than hiding behind the rights that women before us fought so hard for.  Grow up and use your rights as they were intended to be used.

John Butler- Ocean

This song may not have any lyrics but it takes you away, like a little boat, into the tide of everything.  This song makes me feel peace and reminds me of the roads I have yet to travel.  When I hear the cords pick up, I am reminded that there is happiness in every moment and that something beautiful is always waiting around the corner.  This song feels like coming home in a place I’ve never been (which, of course, is the best feeling) and I just fall so deeply in love with everything around me.  This song means love, acceptance, travel, home, friends, happiness, uncertainty… this song is a musical tale of life.  Before hearing this song, I never knew how many emotions the cords of a single man on a single guitar could make me feel and it was way more than I could have imagined.


Stream Of Consciousness no.1

The hearts of men are thirsty, beating, and impulsive.  Longing for the unknown, the undefined, and the untouched.  Something new, something old, something better than what we hold.  Angry are these hearts who can’t find their way.  They grow tense, they grow cold, and before they know it, they are old.  The heart is more than just an organ pumping blood through some veins.  The heart is something that we can not explain.  So many things fill up our hearts, and sadly some of them stain very dark.  I haven’t figured out a remedy for this.  Maybe some good bleach, a knife and a kiss…? Don’t you get like that sometimes?  Wanting to just rip out your heart and get a new one.  Maybe you’d forget all the feelings that got you here in the first place.  But how long does a pure heart last?  Does it even exist or has it been stained by our nature?  I really would like to know.  But more importantly, can you save it?  I don’t see why we should all be doomed.  Perhaps we are though and I guess some just deal with it better than others.  I always wondered how people lost their minds.  It is a funny image if you think about it.  I often picture it as the mind floating out of the body and up into the sky, much like a lost balloon that has slipped from the grasp of a small child. Once noticed, it is too late and far beyond their reach so they just stand there, helpless, watching it float away into the clouds.

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What Cold Really Feels Like

You know it is a cold day in the Yukon when the horizon is a muted orange sorbet kind of colour and above it, a white that hints at blue.  You know it is cold when the snowy mountain tops look like freshly whipped cream against it.  When your hair is coated in frost from your short breaths.  When you can’t feel your body, so much so, that when you take a step forward, you cannot feel your foot touch the ground.  It is cold when you have to wear your tuque and mitts inside.  It’s cold when your eyelashes freeze together.  You know it’s cold when your car won’t start. Or when the water pipes in your house bust.  It’s cold when you lose the ability to move your fingers… even with your new fancy gloves.  It’s cold when the wind refuses to blow and the trees cease to dance. It is cold when the skin freezes tight over your face like a newly stretched canvas.  It’s even colder still when the weather is all anyone talks about anymore.  Finally, you can especially be certain that it is cold in the Yukon once the air freezes.  It will look like a dreamy fog, but step into it, and your breath will be taken away.

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Who has had the pleasure of -40 or -50 degrees Celsius

The Point and Purpose

Sometimes, when I’m at work, I can feel the fluorescent lights beating down on me.

It’s quiet.  I yawn and stare up at them.  They do not feel right to me.  I swear I can feel them sucking out my soul… or maybe it’s just my imagination.  Maybe it’s just the people, not the place.  Perhaps I don’t belong.  I believe we all have a purpose and we know when we are not following it… maybe this is a sign that I am not following mine?

If I am not following mine, then how do I decide where to go? Will something give me a little shove in the right direction?  Going in blind is always a little unsettling… but maybe that is the point of life?  Since we only get one life (that we know of) shouldn’t we be taking many leaps of faith then?  What is the point of being comfortable all of the time when life is so short to begin with?  Or is that the goal instead?  Many people seem to strive for an unattainable happiness and comfort… are they on the right path?  Who is to say?  Perhaps that is their purpose.  Should that be mine?


Is it not those who stray from the path who find what they are looking for?  Maybe we should all do a little bushwhacking.  Perhaps the whole point of this journey is the adventure.  Maybe the point isn’t your rank or if you met the status quo, but instead the lessons you’ve learned, the knowledge you’ve acquired, and the beauty you’ve seen.  Maybe the point to this whole thing is to feel the sand between your toes, feel the rain on your face, love passionately, and live as though it were your only day.

Now living like it was your only day everyday, I think, would be rather difficult.  Would I be spending all my days the way I am right now?  Definitely not.  Would you?  Maybe if we spent our free time like it was our only day… maybe that would be good enough.

Either way, each of our purposes are different and we should never stop striving for that purpose.  It’s not necessarily fate or destiny but a choice.  Our choices determine the fate that awaits us.  What will you choose?