Birds, Bugs, and Boats Behind

Part III The Unlocking The day to go North came so very quickly and before I knew it, I was on a bus filled with strange faces, on my way to a place I honestly didn’t really feel like going to.  However, I was determined to organize my stuff in storage and bring back as […]

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Close Your Eyes

Have you ever simply closed your eyes and just listened to the breeze?  Listened to the whistling of the leaves and that quiet in between?  There really isn’t anything else like it.  It carries you away on a lighthearted symphony that is so soft and so free.  Take a moment and come along with me. When […]

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Into the Wild

My senses are alive with the fragrant aroma and magnificent view. I am consumed. I have given myself over to something larger. Something wild and untouchable. Something so alive, so powerful. It is all dancing.  It is singing. No, she does not dance for you.  Nor does she sing for me.  This is a piece […]

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Thankful #10

I am thankful for Sundays. Sundays are the most special day of the week, made for sleeping in, eating good food, and losing yourself in what you love most. ©

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My Fear

Fear is a large blanket, covered in many different scenarios.  Fear means many things to many people.  For me fear is the movement of six little legs, moving my way.  Fear is standing on the peak of my favourite mountain, looking down, and trying not to let the edge pull me off.  It is the […]

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