Birds, Bugs, and Boats Behind

Part III The Unlocking The day to go North came so very quickly and before I knew it, I was on a bus filled with strange faces, on my way to a place I honestly didn’t really feel like going to.  However, I was determined to organize my stuff in storage and bring back as […]

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When You Weren’t Looking

It seems like there has been a lot of death around me lately.  Usually it’s not something I feel comfortable talking about but it’s been making me feel so much.  I’ve decided that maybe the best way to deal with these feelings is to write. You hear about people dying in genocides, terrorist attacks, wars […]

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Close Your Eyes

Have you ever simply closed your eyes and just listened to the breeze?  Listened to the whistling of the leaves and that quiet in between?  There really isn’t anything else like it.  It carries you away on a lighthearted symphony that is so soft and so free.  Take a moment and come along with me. When […]

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I Am

I am procrastination at its finest Its juiciest and its ripest I have many dreams and ambitions Never to unfold I am the tail end of a story Never to be told I am that dream in the night That easily escapes no matter how hard you fight So long to such feelings Give in […]

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Sometimes it’s really hard to not think about the question “why”.  It lingers in the dusty cupboard in the back room of all of our minds. Why? Why am I here?  Why are you here? Why?  And there are no answers, only the whimsical theories of mysterious men. Spirituality, I find, is often hard to […]

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Longing for Sweet Emotion

I long to feel the tender touch of sweet emotion Her gentle fingers running through the ribbons of my hair I long to feel the painful punch of sweet emotion Her brittle claws raking down the tender fabric of my heart I long to feel the bittersweet bisou of sweet emotion Her cool comfort emptying […]

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