Birds, Bugs, and Boats… and Nelsolonika?

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Part II.V (A surprise addition to my three part story) The Unexpected It was getting very close to me leaving for the North when one of my aunts surprised us with a visit.  With her, were a couple really cool … Continue reading

Everlasting Summer


The sun is out

And kids are screaming

The breeze is thick

With the stench of believing

Everlasting summer

This will be an everlasting summer

You are high

On the sweet fragrance

Of budding leaves

And petals with colours

That put your mind at ease

Close your eyes with me

This will be an everlasting summer

Everlasting summer

Take my hand

We will dance on the wind

She will carry us through

Beyond all we have sinned

She will carry us through

This everlasting summer

This summer everlasting

Close your eyes

Believe what is said

This will be forever

Perpetual summer

But open your eyes

None of this is true

This bliss was all imagined

Oh how did this happen to you?

The snow is falling

The leaves are dead

And your summer everlasting

Is lost in your head