A Question To You From Me

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Into the Wild


My senses are alive with the fragrant aroma and magnificent view.

I am consumed.

I have given myself over to something larger.

Something wild and untouchable.

Something so alive, so powerful.

It is all dancing.  It is singing.

No, she does not dance for you.  Nor does she sing for me.  This is a piece presented for no one and that is the most beautiful thing about it.





© All pictures and words are my own.

Everlasting Summer


The sun is out

And kids are screaming

The breeze is thick

With the stench of believing

Everlasting summer

This will be an everlasting summer

You are high

On the sweet fragrance

Of budding leaves

And petals with colours

That put your mind at ease

Close your eyes with me

This will be an everlasting summer

Everlasting summer

Take my hand

We will dance on the wind

She will carry us through

Beyond all we have sinned

She will carry us through

This everlasting summer

This summer everlasting

Close your eyes

Believe what is said

This will be forever

Perpetual summer

But open your eyes

None of this is true

This bliss was all imagined

Oh how did this happen to you?

The snow is falling

The leaves are dead

And your summer everlasting

Is lost in your head


I Am


I am procrastination at its finest

Its juiciest and its ripest

I have many dreams and ambitions

Never to unfold

I am the tail end of a story

Never to be told

I am that dream in the night

That easily escapes no matter how hard you fight

So long to such feelings

Give in to believing

In the miracles that live in your mind

The art of relaxing, it is divine

Give in to temptation

Like the warm covers keeping you from facing a nation

I am procrastination at its finest

Its juiciest and its ripest

Just take a bite.


A Poem

Summer 2013 012

There are times

When I can’t write a damn thing

Times when my brain gets as dry as dirt

With less to offer

There are times

When all the special words

Cease to leap from my mouth

And my fingers forget

How to run freely across my keyboard

There are times

Where it feels as though I have lost all thought

Nothing is interesting

It seems I forgot

Forgot about the beauty

Of the words

The beauty of description

And it blowing in the breeze

It seems I have forgotten

How to form a simple sentence

And now it just sounds rotten

There are times

Times like right now

Where I can’t find inspiration

Not in anything at all

But at least there is still nothing

Because I have found

That nothing is as inspiring as hell




Sometimes it’s really hard to not think about the question “why”.  It lingers in the dusty cupboard in the back room of all of our minds. Why?

Why am I here?  Why are you here? Why?  And there are no answers, only the whimsical theories of mysterious men.

Spirituality, I find, is often hard to comprehend.  Why is one spirituality deemed better over another?  Why is spirituality deemed wrong if it is not the same as our own? Why?

Why is my spirituality better?  Why is yours? Why?  And there are no answers, just the closed-minded theories of those unwilling to admit that they ask why too.

Everything is deemed destiny by few.  Some others do not agree.  Why would each of our lives have a purpose?  Why is it not just a big soup of nonsense?  And if it is, why does it exist? Why?

Why is my life important?  Why do you take part in it?  And there are no answers, just bangle-wearing women with foggy crystal balls and tarot cards.

And who really knows if there’s a god? Who really cares? And who really knows how far science can go? Who?

Maybe nothing I see is here and maybe there is no purpose. If that is so then why the need for survival?  Why the fight?  Why the passion, the fear, the dreams? Why the music and the screams?  Why do I run, and why do I seek, the answers to why, oh why, oh why?




Feel like I’m going to pass out

Face is warm like a sunburn

Everything is hazy

My brain is swelling

Too overwhelming

I can’t breathe

Think of something else

Don’t let it pull me in

I may never come out

But the sickness is in me

Burrowed deep

I don’t know it’s name

Or the lives it keeps

It aches in my bones

Caresses my bruises




I am weak



Yesterday’s Love


Let us go then, you and I,

To take a look

At what’s around us.

Follow me through the catacombs of Romeo’s love

Cascading deep into the depths of Triton’s sea.

The love of yesterday binds my heart

And I cannot sing

When the sunshine hung high in the sky

I never questioned why

But now that sun is gone

And only the moon has won

I realize what I’ve done

The love of yesterday binds my heart and I cannot sing

Rain beats down on my windowpane

Rain kisses the city

She erases our memories

Without any pity

Washing them deep into the ground

I try so hard to find them

But you cannot be found

The love of yesterday binds my heart

And I cannot sing

I am the White Lady

Damned to forever search you out

Damned forever

And I will know no children

And I will know no old age

I will forever be bound a maiden

For the love of yesterday binds my heart

And I won’t ever sing. ©

Someday Never Comes

Ma Life 047

You’ve got your dreams and ambitions waiting on the shelf


You’ve got your friendships and loved ones standing at your door


But that’s okay

They won’t be going away

You’ve got all the time in the world

You’ve left your words and talents behind you

They’re rotting in the dust

Your goals and aspirations

Are beginning to smell of must

But that’s okay

They won’t be going away

You’ve got all the time in the world

You tell yourself that someday

When the time is right

When the clock strikes three

When that eclipse happens in June

When the sun rises and the birds sing

That on that day, someday

When the stars align just right

You’ll dust it all off

You’ll open that door

And life will be there waiting

Because it’s okay

It won’t be going away

And you’ve got all the time in the world

You’ve got all the time in the world to live

You’ve got all the time in the world to learn

You’ve got all the time in the world to tell people you love them

So you’ll do it someday

Someday when the time is right

Truth is, someday never comes

And if and when it does

You’re already too late. ©



I’m living in a shadow

A shadow of dreams

The voices I can hear them

They are calling my name

They whisper sweet nothings

And they can’t be seen

This shadow casts mirages

That tingle deep within my soul

But take a second glance

And where did they go?

Search and search as I might

Through the shadows and cobwebs

For the faces crying out

Only to see nothing but the same old same

So I spend my time

Time with eyes open

And fists tight

I spend my time ready and waiting

For something I’m sure is coming

For something that’s not there