More Birds, Bugs, and Boats

There ended up being quite a few pictures I took that did not get inserted into my blog posts about my Kootenay travels so here are a few more of my favourites for your enjoyment. Here are a couple of many heart stones that we found while wandering around. Below are some more rings I […]

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What Cold Really Feels Like

You know it is a cold day in the Yukon when the horizon is a muted orange sorbet kind of colour and above it, a white that hints at blue.  You know it is cold when the snowy mountain tops look like freshly whipped cream against it.  When your hair is coated in frost from […]

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Winter Wonderland

The Yukon has a different meaning for everyone.  Some people can’t stand the long, dry, cold winters while others thrive in the desolation and ferocity of it all.  For me, this is a place where one may find themselves or lose themselves.  It is a vast wilderness that consumes your soul no matter how much […]

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