Something Made Me Feel Inspired Today

Over half a century later and this is still so very relevant to what is going on today. I fear that our mistakes have continued to repeat themselves as we shut our ears to the truth that refuses to be heard and somehow we have found ourselves tolerant to the ways things are, and forgetting the way that things should be.

I would like to hope that soon, enough will be enough so that we can all come together and make the changes we wish to see in our world.

It is nice to be comfortable, but to thrive in life is fulfilling and wonderful.


Three Songs That Mean Something to Me


Mac Lethal- Life is Death Is (So Damn Good)

This song kicked me in the chest and made me fall on my back.  That’s how much emotion is in the lyrics.  This song reminds me that there are things that are more important than what we believe.  Beauty, dreams, attitude, material items etc.  We should be out LIVING LIFE.  When you die your beauty, dreams, attitude etc. die with you.  On the other hand, if you are out DOING things and being a beautiful person inside, then you live on after death and you leave something valuable behind. This song made me realize that dreams don’t matter if you don’t ever do anything with them.  That is why it is better to have goals and aspirations.  It also reminds me that even though things may not be the way I’d like them to be I can still be positive and feel great about my life and keep pushing forward.

Jack White- Freedom at 21

Jack White surprised me and opened up my mind to some things I hadn’t really thought of before, the abuse of women’s rights.  He mentions a women not caring about the wounds she inflicts upon him and how he gets in trouble for it because she “has freedom in the 21st century”  .  The thing about this song that really gets me is how true it is.  I think it is very unfair that women are abusing the rights we have worked so hard to get.  We, as women, should be taking responsibility for our actions rather than hiding behind the rights that women before us fought so hard for.  Grow up and use your rights as they were intended to be used.

John Butler- Ocean

This song may not have any lyrics but it takes you away, like a little boat, into the tide of everything.  This song makes me feel peace and reminds me of the roads I have yet to travel.  When I hear the cords pick up, I am reminded that there is happiness in every moment and that something beautiful is always waiting around the corner.  This song feels like coming home in a place I’ve never been (which, of course, is the best feeling) and I just fall so deeply in love with everything around me.  This song means love, acceptance, travel, home, friends, happiness, uncertainty… this song is a musical tale of life.  Before hearing this song, I never knew how many emotions the cords of a single man on a single guitar could make me feel and it was way more than I could have imagined.