Rambling Nonsense on a Friday Night


Sometimes it can feel like you are floating through life; the expectations that others have for you, weighing heavy on your thoughts.  You don’t know where you are going, and maybe only have a faint idea of where you would like to go but that isn’t good enough.  It’s not good enough for the hungry questions they keep asking you.  It’s not enough for the questioning and sometimes disappointed looks in their eyes.  According to them, you never made it and they feel responsible.  They feel responsible for some sick and selfish reason, that honestly has nothing to do with them.

Honesty aside, it possibly does have something to do with them.  If they weren’t always trying to steer you in the “right” direction and their expectations weren’t burning holes into you at night, then maybe you would have had a better idea of what YOU actually want.  Maybe, you might actually already be where you want to be (or maybe it would be easier to realize that you are there already).  It doesn’t matter if you have some big title, fancy house, and/or a wife and three kids.  No, it doesn’t matter if you have all your money organized, and put away into pretty little accounts, so you can go away on weekends.  It doesn’t matter if you fit into this nice little box of what it means to be an adult. None of that matters, unless it truly matters to YOU and you alone.

If you’re happy working odd jobs, travelling the world and living in your car…  being colourful or quiet or weird. If you dropped out of college because it just didn’t feel right… or if you never went at all, because you just couldn’t seem to fathom it, though everyone kept telling you that’s where you ought to be… If you’re happy with how you have chosen to move forward in life, then stop being unhappy because other people think that you should be.

Stop wasting time, waiting for the future that others have planned for you.  Go out there and just be you.  You don’t owe anyone a single thing.  There’s only one person you owe, and that person is yourself.  You owe yourself the motivation to do what is right for you, and the strength to stand by that.  You owe yourself kind words of support and optimism.  You owe yourself the chance to get off of the hamster wheel and to go to where you feel the most yourself.  You don’t really owe yourself much, but it’s worth a lifetime.


More Birds, Bugs, and Boats

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Birds, Bugs, and Boats

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My Latest Novel Purchase


So I really like books but sadly it has been a really long time since one jumped off the shelf at me.  Until a couple of days ago.  I am pretty sure it was fate.  The book to which I am referring is The Forgotten Waltz by Anne Enright.

I am 38 pages in and I do not regret my purchase one bit.  The title seemed to have screamed at me from the shelf and when saw the title, I felt that tingle of fate and I knew.  I knew I would be buying this book even though I had yet to read the back and yet to read the first sentence.

I find that the first sentence of a novel, tells you all you need to know.  Maybe that’s a bit harsh but that is how I know it is a good book.  The first sentence gives me the flavour of the author’s writing and the texture in which they like to write their stories.  A book that did this very well, and my very favourite book up to date, was The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson.  It was so good that I could not find any new books to read because they no longer seemed worthy.  So now that I have miraculously found this one, I have hope.  I feel like this novel may possibly give me that same satisfaction that The Gargoyle did, and if not I feel like it will be somewhere close.

I am very excited to enjoy the journey of this novel and even more excited to let everyone know whether or not I end up deeming it worthy.


I Have A Dream

1325745494320  Today our society is governed by something far stronger than any man or beast.  It shapes our bodies and beliefs.  This colossal force my friends, is the undeniable voice of the media.

Everywhere we look, she is there, whispering in our ears.  Telling us how we should look, how we should act, and how we should live.  She force-feeds our brains and programs our souls in the guise of a smiling infant.

The media is not a new kid on the block, but rather an old tormented spirit who refuses to rest.  We must bond together with our crucifixes and our holy water to exercise society of this demon.

Every single day for generations now, people have taken great measures to “look good”.  Women dress up in chemicals for this image.  Men take body-altering drugs for this image.  We are killing ourselves for this image, and we are never satisfied.

We are never satisfied with our skin.  We are never satisfied with our weight.  We are never satisfied with our breasts.  We are never satisfied with our muscles.  We are never satisfied.

We are never satisfied with our belongings.  We are never satisfied  with our jobs.  We are never satisfied with our home, our friends, and our lovers.  We are never satisfied.

We are so unsatisfied that we want, want, want.  And with our wanting, we have ripped a black hole within ourselves and it must be filled.  Filled with all of those crude creations, deathly diets, and malicious men or wandering women.  However, we are still not satisfied.

The media distorts our minds like a house of mirrors.  She deforms it to the point where we don’t even know who we are anymore.  You see, we are all just an army of clones, driving through life in metal caskets on the freeway.

This is why today I come to you.  I come to you today so that I may share with you a dream; my dream.

I have a dream that one day I’ll be able to pick up a magazine and see a real girl, not some photoshopped anorexic with lying perfection.

I have a dream that women will stop running from their bodies in embarrassment, and embrace their unique, decadent beauty.

I have a dream where no one is trying to live life like a t.v show but instead flourishing in their own ideals.

I have a dream that one day everyone will feel comfortable sitting in their own skin because they will finally be able to meet a realistic status quo.

I have a dream today. ©