Something Made Me Feel Inspired Today

Over half a century later and this is still so very relevant to what is going on today. I fear that our mistakes have continued to repeat themselves as we shut our ears to the truth that refuses to be heard and somehow we have found ourselves tolerant to the ways things are, and forgetting the way that things should be.

I would like to hope that soon, enough will be enough so that we can all come together and make the changes we wish to see in our world.

It is nice to be comfortable, but to thrive in life is fulfilling and wonderful.


What Does It Mean To Be An Adult?


When I was younger, I used to think that when you became an adult a magical transformation of sorts would occur.  I used to believe that when you became an adult, all of the immaturity and irrational actions would be washed away into yesterday.  Now that I am there, I face a rude awakening.  It is not like this at all.  Actually, it is possibly worse, which makes absolutely no sense.

We spend our entire childhoods being taught how to be kinder and more considerate of others and yet when we grow up, we are almost more mean than when we started out.  We also consider ourselves smarter, which is why when we want to be mean, we go about it in sly ways.  We now know how to catch people off guard when they are vulnerable, and hit them where it hurts.

When we grow up there are still cliques and judgement, except now the price to pay for “cool” is raised to a ridiculously high bar.  We need to own a big house, a nice car, make beautiful children, go on vacation twice a year, know all the right people in all the right countries, possibly speak multiple languages, look good, and still have money to spare.  Therefor, we are all in debt over being “cool” or slowly getting out of debt with that cushy job that we hate, but worked years to get and paid thousands of dollars to go to school for.  Pretty picture isn’t it?

I personally think that being an adult should mean so much more.

I want being an adult to mean more than the car I drive, where I work, or the house I live in.  I want being an adult to mean that I am a responsible individual who takes into consideration the lessons I’ve learned and acts on that.  I want it to mean that I am a role model to everyone and that I am a good one.  I want it to mean more than being legal to drink and buy porn.  I want it to mean that I have the opportunity to make decisions that can impact a world.  I want it to mean that I have power which I am responsible and knowledgeable enough to use for good rather than waste it on trivial pursuits.  I want being an adult to mean what it is supposed to, that we are grown up and are able to walk past the weak emotions of our adolescence and reach the peak of our potential.