The Art of Giving Up


Sometimes we give up

Assuming our goal is too high or too deep

We don’t take a second to step back and calculate

We just stop

Why do we do this?

What makes us give up on our dreams?

I used to like to think that I was banking them away for later; a good excuse for procrastination and/or giving up entirely.  It seems as though even when people are constantly giving up, they refuse to admit it, me being one of them.  Where does the motivation and passion go?  Could it have simply melted away into nothing?  Why do we constantly lie to ourselves about this loss?  And why in the hell am I still up at 4 am typing this damn text that is borderline stream-of-consciousness writing?  Maybe these thoughts are important for some reason or another but I can’t be sure where they came from or why it is that I must be writing them now.

What is important is that dreams are not something we should stash away in the drawer of tomorrow, they should be a gift that we open today.  We too often back down out of fear and insecurity when we should be rising up and taking hold.  It really isn’t as hard as it may seem.  I am beginning to realize that now, at least with the smaller things.  The larger things take just a little more work and dedication.  To persevere one must let go of doubt and let confidence pour in.  Now if I can just push myself a little further… if I can wade out just a little deeper… who knows where my river of dreams could take me?

Oh but giving up is easy

Maybe we would just rather lay around

Feeling too trapped for that bravery

We don’t like the risk of tangling our chains