More Birds, Bugs, and Boats

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There ended up being quite a few pictures I took that did not get inserted into my blog posts about my Kootenay travels so here are a few more of my favourites for your enjoyment. Here are a couple of … Continue reading

Birds, Bugs, and Boats Cont.

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Part II The Unlearning What began as an innocent dip of my toes into what my dad likes to call the “boat life”, became a complete lifestyle transformation.  I lived in rolled up jeans and bare feet, showering became a … Continue reading

Birds, Bugs, and Boats

Alas, I have returned.  I guess it has been about seven months since I’ve posted anything really but it wasn’t just a break from my blog… I ended up taking a whole break from my entire life as some would … Continue reading

My First Love

Mashing the back of the fork down on top of the eggs  is my favourite part.  I love to watch the yellow yolk as it streams out over the toast like syrup.  I smile at mum as she comes over to cut the toast and eggs into little pieces for me before heading back to bed.  It is the early morning, I am four, and these poached eggs on toast are my favourite meal.  There’s just something about the toast, the gooeyness of the egg, and the flavour of the pepper that just captivates the senses.  I don’t care that no one is sitting here with me, for I am too immersed in the enjoyment of this moment.  The warmth is filling up inside my belly as each tasty bit finds its way into my mouth and I fall in love. Finally the inevitable happens and I have eaten it all. I am saddened once no egg bits remain so I stay seated, staring at my empty plate.  Why couldn’t that moment have just lasted a little bit longer?


Today, I am nineteen, and these poached eggs on toast are still my favourite meal.  However, my plate need no longer remain empty, for I can reach the stove.


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Taking Some Health Habits From My Younger Self


Yesterday I did something I haven’t done since I was a kid at home with my mum; I pulled out the juicer.

Growing up, vegetable juicing was a big part of my childhood.  Mum would bring out her Champion Juicer and we would make the “king of vegetable juices”, aka carrot juice.  Sometimes she would add beets, celery, and/or other interesting veggies.  As a kid, I hated when she added anything to the plain old carrot juice.  Now looking back, I think I should have let myself acquire a taste for those more “flavourful” juices.

Carrot juice is the “king of all juices” because it does so much for the body.  It contains vitamins B, C, D, E, and K.  It also contains pro-vitamin A, which our body converts into vitamin A.  Along with all of these wonderful vitamins we find minerals.  Carrot juice contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and trace minerals.

With all of that in mind, let’s look at what carrot juice does for us.  Carrot juice helps with acne, arthritis, asthma, bladder problems, bone problems, cancer, cataracts, diabetes, eye disorders, hay fever, liver disorders, pregnancy and delivery, skin disorders, ulcers, weakness (digestive/muscular), and weight loss. Now that is some powerful stuff.

So yesterday, I felt that I needed to get back into this.  The feeling just came over me and I am so glad it did.  Plugging in that juicer and putting in the first carrot was like coming home after being away for too long; it just felt so right.  I am really looking forward to putting the juice back into my life.

All of my information on carrot juice was collected from a wonderful book by Stephen Blauer called The Juicing Book.  If you are or want to get into juicing this book is quite the little gem.


Do you juice?  What kinds do you like?