Shed Your Shell

Things get a little dim sometimes; lost in transition.  You’ve got to take a moment every so often to get back what you hid in the shadows.  Spinning and spinning until fragments of yourself fall, giving way to what lies beneath.  Raw and vulnerable, without your shell, you have forgotten what it is to be […]

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More Birds, Bugs, and Boats

There ended up being quite a few pictures I took that did not get inserted into my blog posts about my Kootenay travels so here are a few more of my favourites for your enjoyment. Here are a couple of many heart stones that we found while wandering around. Below are some more rings I […]

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False Presumptions

It takes more than a night to know somebody.  More than a kiss to know their true colours.  Who they are is but a whisper, clouded in by false pretenses and old habits.  How do you ever really know someone, and when is a good time to turn the other way? Each one of us […]

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Everything Happens for a Reason

It may seem cliché and overused but it is true, everything does happen for a reason.  Every little thing from knocking a glass over, to meeting someone on the street all has a meaning and a purpose.  You probably won’t even realize the power and significance of a single moment until you reflect back on […]

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I Have A Dream

  Today our society is governed by something far stronger than any man or beast.  It shapes our bodies and beliefs.  This colossal force my friends, is the undeniable voice of the media. Everywhere we look, she is there, whispering in our ears.  Telling us how we should look, how we should act, and how we […]

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