I’d Like To Say I Took A Ton Of Amazing Pictures The Whole Time I’ve Been Away… I Haven’t.

Well holy crap.  Who would have thought I would be leaving my blog again once I was finally back in the habit of writing a bit more frequently?  Definitely not me.  However, sometimes things happen and that’s just the way it is.  At least I’m not dead and could get back to it eventually right?

Truth is, it was my last computer that died and me, being the picky person that I am, couldn’t handle blogging from my phone.  Needless to say, I couldn’t bring myself to blog from it at all.  Hell, I can barely even reply to text messages these days.  Plus, there is something about the way one chooses to go about writing something.  It’s a whole experience you know? Or maybe you don’t, and that’s okay too.  Not saying I am a mastermind, genius of a writer or anything, but there is something to the whole experience.  Honestly, my favourite way to write is by hand but keyboard would be second best.  Typing is satisfying and also a good way to get the mind flowing, with the clackety-clacking of the buttons and such.  Plus you can type and edit faster this way, which is a bonus in my books.

Why did it take me so long to get a new computer you ask?  It’s silly really.  I probably could have taken care of this issue much sooner but I just wasn’t ready.  I’d like to think I am a person of ‘timing’ but I’m not so sure I can go as far to say that, though I am quite particular in the time I choose to do things; especially when it comes to making a purchase.

The other day, things lined up.  I found a nice little laptop that I wasn’t compromising with.  It has everything that I was after and a nice price tag too, so I took the jump and brought it home.

As far as pictures go (I think the title for this piece says something about them, does it not?), I wasn’t as motivated to take pictures with nowhere to upload to… which I am kicking myself over now.  Sure I took pictures here and there on my phone but those don’t really count as far as I am concerned.  My camera was brought out a couple of times but it spent most of its time, during the last couple years, collecting dust.  I’ll see what I’ve got though and I may make a little album dedicated to my time of “Lost Ideas”… yeah, that’s what we’ll call this gap haha.  Not that ALL of my ideas were lost, but most of them were.

I can’t wait to write more again and see what crazy things my mind decides to create.  It’s been a while and who knows what’s stored away up there. Anyways, here’s to ‘timing’ and getting back into writing again!


And oh yeah, I got a dog somewhere along the way.  This is Sampson.



Something Made Me Feel Inspired Today

Over half a century later and this is still so very relevant to what is going on today. I fear that our mistakes have continued to repeat themselves as we shut our ears to the truth that refuses to be heard and somehow we have found ourselves tolerant to the ways things are, and forgetting the way that things should be.

I would like to hope that soon, enough will be enough so that we can all come together and make the changes we wish to see in our world.

It is nice to be comfortable, but to thrive in life is fulfilling and wonderful.


It’s chilly out, and all I wish is to be knee-deep in the grass again.

Thankfully, spring is right around the corner.  Which means that there will be a ton of pictures to be taken and inspiration to be found!  I am so excited to see what this summer has in store.


A Picture From Mum’s Archives

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Coping With the Loss of Your Written Content


As many people don’t know, I have been (finally!) working on a new blog post to announce my return to the digital world and talking about where I’ve been hiding these past months.  I was having a really rough time getting the words out and had only written about two hundred within the past four days.  However, today was the day that nearly a thousand of them flooded my screen.  Part I of my return post was complete.  At least for a few short moments it was.  You see, I had thought that I had saved my work when I went to go preview it.  It hadn’t saved properly.  I was in denial when I couldn’t scroll below the two hundred words… that’s when the anger hit and I screamed, nearly throwing my laptop before running out of the room in disbelief and horror.  This is not a normal response from me and I know there are a lot of people who would not fully understand how much of an impact this moment had.  However, I know that somewhere, there are people who totally get it.

It is amazing how much of a difference one second can make to your day and your life.  I had just been smiling with pride moments before, excited about how the format would look finally published.  Then I lost my mind and went to stand in the shower for a while before coming back to search for an article about coping with the loss of written work.  There is no such article that I could find.

I thought that an article like that was sure to exist.  How could it not?  Google is supposed to have all of the answers in’t it?  Actually no, it doesn’t and for the first time in my little life, Google let me down.  I felt so alone, staring at the screen, realizing that maybe it was just me, alone with a blinking text cursor rubbing my fate in my face.

I would like to note that I am still going to rewrite my return post as though this one had never been written and hopefully it can be anywhere near as good as the original… but until then, here are some steps for coping with the loss of your written (or other creative) work.

I. Walk Away and Get Some Air.

II. Do Something Else for a Few Minutes (Hopefully something that makes you feel good… like sex or eating).

III. There Is More Where That Came From.

IV. It Doesn’t Have to be Exactly the Same to be Great.

V. Forget About It and Start Over Fresh.

VI. Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day (And I’m sure they had struggles too).

VII. You Are Not Alone.

VIII. Try Working on a Different Piece and Then Go Back to It.

IX. It’s Not Your Fault (Accidents happen. That’s what life and learning are all about).

X. This Too, Shall Pass.