A Question To You From Me

  How many mouths can cooperate greed feed When we live in a world where we all disbelieve In a different way of life? One without minorities One without strife   How many mouths can cooperate greed feed When we turn a blind eye to people in need Not taking time to consider that they […]

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View of You

Take a step back Back into the unknown Into what used to be but never was And what used to keep you up at night alone Take a step back And look forward Take on a new perspective And look at today Was it all you dreamed it could be? Maybe it ended up being […]

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Into the Wild

My senses are alive with the fragrant aroma and magnificent view. I am consumed. I have given myself over to something larger. Something wild and untouchable. Something so alive, so powerful. It is all dancing.  It is singing. No, she does not dance for you.  Nor does she sing for me.  This is a piece […]

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Everlasting Summer

The sun is out And kids are screaming The breeze is thick With the stench of believing Everlasting summer This will be an everlasting summer You are high On the sweet fragrance Of budding leaves And petals with colours That put your mind at ease Close your eyes with me This will be an everlasting […]

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I Am

I am procrastination at its finest Its juiciest and its ripest I have many dreams and ambitions Never to unfold I am the tail end of a story Never to be told I am that dream in the night That easily escapes no matter how hard you fight So long to such feelings Give in […]

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A Poem

There are times When I can’t write a damn thing Times when my brain gets as dry as dirt With less to offer There are times When all the special words Cease to leap from my mouth And my fingers forget How to run freely across my keyboard There are times Where it feels as […]

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Sometimes it’s really hard to not think about the question “why”.  It lingers in the dusty cupboard in the back room of all of our minds. Why? Why am I here?  Why are you here? Why?  And there are no answers, only the whimsical theories of mysterious men. Spirituality, I find, is often hard to […]

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