Three Songs That Mean Something to Me


Mac Lethal- Life is Death Is (So Damn Good)

This song kicked me in the chest and made me fall on my back.  That’s how much emotion is in the lyrics.  This song reminds me that there are things that are more important than what we believe.  Beauty, dreams, attitude, material items etc.  We should be out LIVING LIFE.  When you die your beauty, dreams, attitude etc. die with you.  On the other hand, if you are out DOING things and being a beautiful person inside, then you live on after death and you leave something valuable behind. This song made me realize that dreams don’t matter if you don’t ever do anything with them.  That is why it is better to have goals and aspirations.  It also reminds me that even though things may not be the way I’d like them to be I can still be positive and feel great about my life and keep pushing forward.

Jack White- Freedom at 21

Jack White surprised me and opened up my mind to some things I hadn’t really thought of before, the abuse of women’s rights.  He mentions a women not caring about the wounds she inflicts upon him and how he gets in trouble for it because she “has freedom in the 21st century”  .  The thing about this song that really gets me is how true it is.  I think it is very unfair that women are abusing the rights we have worked so hard to get.  We, as women, should be taking responsibility for our actions rather than hiding behind the rights that women before us fought so hard for.  Grow up and use your rights as they were intended to be used.

John Butler- Ocean

This song may not have any lyrics but it takes you away, like a little boat, into the tide of everything.  This song makes me feel peace and reminds me of the roads I have yet to travel.  When I hear the cords pick up, I am reminded that there is happiness in every moment and that something beautiful is always waiting around the corner.  This song feels like coming home in a place I’ve never been (which, of course, is the best feeling) and I just fall so deeply in love with everything around me.  This song means love, acceptance, travel, home, friends, happiness, uncertainty… this song is a musical tale of life.  Before hearing this song, I never knew how many emotions the cords of a single man on a single guitar could make me feel and it was way more than I could have imagined.



A View of a Place I Dream Of


The sunlight is warm on your face and you can feel the light breeze kiss your cheeks tenderly.  The fragrant air envelopes your body and walks with you through the moist willows.  You look around, and you can see that the streams who wind their way through this meadow are glistening with the hopeful twinkle of tomorrow and the moss which hangs over them is greener than the wildest leprechaun’s hat.  You see little birds, high up in the tree tops and majestic mountains far behind them.  There is a soothing silence about this place, a quiet filled with inspiring noise.  Now lay in it, even if just for a little while, for this is a place with a name so beautiful you cannot remember it, the way you cannot recall your favourite dream.  This is a place where nothing ever happens but at the same time, everything does.  This is a place where your imagination can run rampant, where nothing can limit how high your mind may take you… This is my paradise.


Stream Of Consciousness no.1

The hearts of men are thirsty, beating, and impulsive.  Longing for the unknown, the undefined, and the untouched.  Something new, something old, something better than what we hold.  Angry are these hearts who can’t find their way.  They grow tense, they grow cold, and before they know it, they are old.  The heart is more than just an organ pumping blood through some veins.  The heart is something that we can not explain.  So many things fill up our hearts, and sadly some of them stain very dark.  I haven’t figured out a remedy for this.  Maybe some good bleach, a knife and a kiss…? Don’t you get like that sometimes?  Wanting to just rip out your heart and get a new one.  Maybe you’d forget all the feelings that got you here in the first place.  But how long does a pure heart last?  Does it even exist or has it been stained by our nature?  I really would like to know.  But more importantly, can you save it?  I don’t see why we should all be doomed.  Perhaps we are though and I guess some just deal with it better than others.  I always wondered how people lost their minds.  It is a funny image if you think about it.  I often picture it as the mind floating out of the body and up into the sky, much like a lost balloon that has slipped from the grasp of a small child. Once noticed, it is too late and far beyond their reach so they just stand there, helpless, watching it float away into the clouds.

DSCN1839  ©

Everlasting Summer


The sun is out

And kids are screaming

The breeze is thick

With the stench of believing

Everlasting summer

This will be an everlasting summer

You are high

On the sweet fragrance

Of budding leaves

And petals with colours

That put your mind at ease

Close your eyes with me

This will be an everlasting summer

Everlasting summer

Take my hand

We will dance on the wind

She will carry us through

Beyond all we have sinned

She will carry us through

This everlasting summer

This summer everlasting

Close your eyes

Believe what is said

This will be forever

Perpetual summer

But open your eyes

None of this is true

This bliss was all imagined

Oh how did this happen to you?

The snow is falling

The leaves are dead

And your summer everlasting

Is lost in your head


Everything Happens for a Reason


It may seem cliché and overused but it is true, everything does happen for a reason.  Every little thing from knocking a glass over, to meeting someone on the street all has a meaning and a purpose.  You probably won’t even realize the power and significance of a single moment until you reflect back on it, usually a long time after.

Not everything that happens to us is nice or enjoyable.  Rather, many occurrences in life can be quite terrible and unfortunate.  However, it is my belief that most of these terrible, unfortunate events NEED to happen for specific reasons.  I have often mentioned this out loud and have been deemed cruel and uncaring but that is okay.  I am not sorry for trying to make sense of the negative in a positive way.  Life, for no reason, was meant to be easy.  Life was meant to be hard because if it were easy, we wouldn’t learn anything at all and there would be no point in living.

Life is like a pond, with many different stones of all shapes and sizes being thrown into it.  Each stone causes ripples, each of a different magnitude.   After all the stones have fallen in, the pond’s surface regains its smooth composure as though nothing had happened.  Down in the bottom those stones rest, as memories.  When you look at this image in your mind, imagine that the stones are key events and the ripples are the aftermath.  If the stones had not fallen in, the ripples would never have occurred and if the ripples had never occurred, the pond would be empty.

There is always something that is going to happen to you and you may or may not like it.  However, you must not forget that these are the things that give you substance.  These events are the building blocks of who you are to become and what you have the possibility to be capable of.  There are no mistakes, there are only limitless possibilities.





Caged By Our Ignorance


As some of you may have noticed, I have not taken the time to write a post in a while.  I am going to take this opportunity to use my being away on vacation as an excuse.  However, while away, I happened upon the idea for this piece by chance.  It came to me while visiting Parrot Island, a sanctuary for neglected and abused exotic birds. Before going into the room of caged birds, I was made to watch a video.  This video told me something I was ignorant of and I am sure many others are ignorant of, and that is the amount of abandoned and abused exotic birds across the globe. DSCN1181 DSCN1177 DSCN1173 DSCN1171 DSCN1155 DSCN1154Did you know that ~85% of exotic birds are abandoned, resold or given away within two years of being purchased?  Did you know that ~4 million exotic birds are recorded in trade each year? And did you know that the Scarlet Macaw, the parrot of parrots, is on CITES Appendix 1 due to the pet and cage bird trade?  I definitely didn’t and was horrified.

Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw

There was so much I was unaware of before going to Parrot Island.  I also didn’t know how sad going to this place would make me.  Seeing all of these beautiful birds crushed my heart and made me ashamed.  I was ashamed for being ignorant to this neglect and abuse.  I found it so difficult to look at these birds, screaming at me from their cages for attention.  No animal deserves this.  Sadly, these are the lucky ones.  Yes, I do realize that there are many animals that are endangered due to human greed.  However, this one seems so simple to prevent and maybe it is where we should start as far as working towards preservation of life on our planet.

  DSCN1151 DSCN1145 DSCN1141 DSCN1123 DSCN1110 DSCN1105 DSCN1116DSCN1102

  *These pictures were all taken by me during my visit to Parrot Island and are only a few faces of birds who deserve to fly free.©

What Does It Mean To Be An Adult?


When I was younger, I used to think that when you became an adult a magical transformation of sorts would occur.  I used to believe that when you became an adult, all of the immaturity and irrational actions would be washed away into yesterday.  Now that I am there, I face a rude awakening.  It is not like this at all.  Actually, it is possibly worse, which makes absolutely no sense.

We spend our entire childhoods being taught how to be kinder and more considerate of others and yet when we grow up, we are almost more mean than when we started out.  We also consider ourselves smarter, which is why when we want to be mean, we go about it in sly ways.  We now know how to catch people off guard when they are vulnerable, and hit them where it hurts.

When we grow up there are still cliques and judgement, except now the price to pay for “cool” is raised to a ridiculously high bar.  We need to own a big house, a nice car, make beautiful children, go on vacation twice a year, know all the right people in all the right countries, possibly speak multiple languages, look good, and still have money to spare.  Therefor, we are all in debt over being “cool” or slowly getting out of debt with that cushy job that we hate, but worked years to get and paid thousands of dollars to go to school for.  Pretty picture isn’t it?

I personally think that being an adult should mean so much more.

I want being an adult to mean more than the car I drive, where I work, or the house I live in.  I want being an adult to mean that I am a responsible individual who takes into consideration the lessons I’ve learned and acts on that.  I want it to mean that I am a role model to everyone and that I am a good one.  I want it to mean more than being legal to drink and buy porn.  I want it to mean that I have the opportunity to make decisions that can impact a world.  I want it to mean that I have power which I am responsible and knowledgeable enough to use for good rather than waste it on trivial pursuits.  I want being an adult to mean what it is supposed to, that we are grown up and are able to walk past the weak emotions of our adolescence and reach the peak of our potential.


The Reign of Technology


Today I watched a video that really, deeply, bothered me.  It wasn’t a video on famine, pollution, or war.  It was simply a video on cellphones.  This video wasn’t about health risks, money, or new technological advances.  No, it wasn’t even a documentary.  This was a short film, without dialogue, that simply observed someone’s day in the generation in which we find ourselves now; the wireless generation.

This video didn’t over exaggerate; it wasn’t even bias.   It showed me something that we see everywhere each and every day.  However, it is different seeing it like this.  You may even realize, like  I did, that this is something you are guilty of.

Watching this video made me ache inside.  What I saw were people missing out on so much in their lives because they were too consumed by social media, text messages, phone calls, and even just capturing the moment they were in.  They were too consumed by these things to actually just enjoy the moment.

So much of our time and effort gets put into an invisible world we created called “the internet”.  We are so busy trying to share our lives that we miss them; they simply pass us by like clouds in the sky.  And this scares me.  This scares me more than I know how to say.

Technology is like an addiction of sorts.  You get a taste and only want more and more until it consumes your whole life.  And don’t get me wrong, technology has many great things to offer, especially when we don’t abuse it.  I think technology is great if we are using it for something, such as learning or creating; as long as it doesn’t get put before real life.  There is nothing more important or more worth your time than real life, with real people.

Abusing technology can come with many side effects but the one that bothers me most is that it destroys communication.  Technology brings people together the world over but now that is our most comfortable form of communication.  When was the last time you called someone up just to talk?  When was the last time you just drove over?  Now when was the last time you texted someone?  For me, technology has majorly impacted the way I communicate face to face, I have a terribly hard time with it and like to avoid it.

Finally, I have come to the conclusion that we are letting our gadgets run our lives rather than treat them like the tools that they are.  We are constantly glancing at our phones with holes in our hearts and stress on our faces.  We worry about what we may or may not have missed on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  We don’t want to miss out.  And in not wanting to miss out, we have already missed so much.

If you would like to watch the video that influenced me to write this, click here.


Thankful #6

I am thankful for my eyes.  I can’t imagine not being able to see all of this world’s beauty.  Sight is such a gift though is does come with its downsides, such as judgement. However, there is nothing like seeing the rain in a downpour or watching the leaves rustle in the trees on a sunny day.  There is just so much beauty in the world.

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Do you make the most of your senses?

Thankful #5

You spend half your life sleeping and that is why I am so thankful for my bed.  I actually spend so much time in it.  Especially during this long winter.  Being cozy and comfy is one of the most important things to me.

IMG_20130815_125448 ©


Where do you spend all of your time when it’s cold?