Are You A Dreamer or A Doer?

About a year and half ago I got one of those moments where I just knew I needed to sit down and write something.  It has been stashed away in my phone ever since, but I think it’s a bit of a waste to just leave it sitting there.  Even still, so long after having written it, it’s still a subject I ponder on and probably will be one I touch on again in the future.

I actually just finished reading a book that was trying to share the same message.  Funny how that works.


June 25.2016

It’s been about a year since I’ve written anything worth reading.  Then all of a sudden, I could feel some inspiration taking hold.  The words just started coming to me and this is what I got:

In a world where motivation eludes you and tiredness consumes you.  Where your energy is spent fulfilling someone else’s dreams.  Where everyone has expectations for you, but yet you don’t even know what to expect from yourself.  A world filled with empty pleasures and a routine curated by the machine.  A routine that is hard to shake.  Welcome to adulthood.  The life you have always been waiting for. 

Once you arrive, you realize that everything it was made out to be was just a whole bunch of empty promises made by people who couldn’t accept that it was a lie.  Reaching this point is not a ticket to freedom, but instead it becomes one of the main focal points of your life.

Coming to this point faces you with choices.  Choices that determine whether or not you will break free from the cycle of willful ignorance or instead follow the flock, like many others before you, to a slaughter we like to call “regret”.

I don’t have too much in my life worth being unhappy about.  Everything just seems so good.  And when things are good, I have nothing to write about.  For the first time in what seems like quite a while, I feel awake.  I feel the world or words pulsating at the tip of my consciousness.  I feel all the thoughts that are just at the feather of my reach.  I can’t even begin to imagine all of the thoughts my subconscious is having. I feel like there are so many thoughts in my mind that go unnoticed in their fleeting passing.  I wish I had the chance to know them.  I feel as though they may have gone wasted and not lived up to their potential.  But perhaps there IS a collective consciousness and someone else, better suited, has picked them up.  I sure hope so.

I’m not sure how many random pieces of writing I have stashed away in my phone and on old scraps of paper, but maybe I’ll start sharing a couple of them every now and again when I come across them.

What would you do with your life if you felt you had the power to do anything you wanted with it?

Not to be predictable, but you do have that power.  It’s just scary to use it sometimes.  Usually when it counts.

To answer my own title, sometimes I’m a doer but most of all I am a dreamer.  At least dreaming is the first step… as long as I don’t dream my whole life away haha.


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