Love is More Than Just Two People


Love is more than just two people.  Love is a connection to something bigger.  I can see that now.

I’ve been going for a lot of walks with my camera lately and everything seems so much more alive than ever before.  The Yukon is normally a pretty dry place but it’s been getting a lot more rain than usual.  As a result, beauty is in full bloom.

DSCN2780DSCN2157 DSCN2170DSCN2563

The magical places I dreamed of as a small child had been long forgotten until I explored what lay beyond my doorway this summer.

DSCN2605 DSCN2635 DSCN2408 DSCN2716 DSCN2733

Flowers and fairy-like butterflies engaging in friendship.  Mushroom caps awakening from the earth and petals of extraordinary flowers reaching up, if only for but one tender kiss from the sun.

DSCN2541 DSCN2524 DSCN2173 DSCN2763

The green I see when I look through the trees is unlike any other I have ever witnessed.  The colour of life.  The colour of magic.

DSCN2738 DSCN2745 DSCN2783

I never before noticed the way the earth kissed the sky.  Or the way the grass danced wistfully in the fresh breeze.  I breathe in, and all I smell is life.  I look around, and all I see is overwhelming beauty.  I see a beauty so rich I can taste it.  Nature has seduced me and all I wish to do is lay in her arms forever more.

DSCN2375 DSCN2552DSCN2116

I am home.



All Photos are taken by me and belong to me. ©


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