A View of a Place I Dream Of


The sunlight is warm on your face and you can feel the light breeze kiss your cheeks tenderly.  The fragrant air envelopes your body and walks with you through the moist willows.  You look around, and you can see that the streams who wind their way through this meadow are glistening with the hopeful twinkle of tomorrow and the moss which hangs over them is greener than the wildest leprechaun’s hat.  You see little birds, high up in the tree tops and majestic mountains far behind them.  There is a soothing silence about this place, a quiet filled with inspiring noise.  Now lay in it, even if just for a little while, for this is a place with a name so beautiful you cannot remember it, the way you cannot recall your favourite dream.  This is a place where nothing ever happens but at the same time, everything does.  This is a place where your imagination can run rampant, where nothing can limit how high your mind may take you… This is my paradise.



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