What Cold Really Feels Like

You know it is a cold day in the Yukon when the horizon is a muted orange sorbet kind of colour and above it, a white that hints at blue.  You know it is cold when the snowy mountain tops look like freshly whipped cream against it.  When your hair is coated in frost from your short breaths.  When you can’t feel your body, so much so, that when you take a step forward, you cannot feel your foot touch the ground.  It is cold when you have to wear your tuque and mitts inside.  It’s cold when your eyelashes freeze together.  You know it’s cold when your car won’t start. Or when the water pipes in your house bust.  It’s cold when you lose the ability to move your fingers… even with your new fancy gloves.  It’s cold when the wind refuses to blow and the trees cease to dance. It is cold when the skin freezes tight over your face like a newly stretched canvas.  It’s even colder still when the weather is all anyone talks about anymore.  Finally, you can especially be certain that it is cold in the Yukon once the air freezes.  It will look like a dreamy fog, but step into it, and your breath will be taken away.

DSCN0471 ©


Who has had the pleasure of -40 or -50 degrees Celsius


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