Sometimes, when it’s quiet, I like to look out my window.  I see all the passing cars rushing by, in a hurry to go nowhere important.

Why does no one walk anywhere anymore?  Do people only walk to prove some sort of point in the fitness world now?  What happened to walking for the simple fact that it was enjoyable?  Walking is a time to be grounded, a time to reflect, to open up and be with yourself.

It seems that everyone partakes in activities that should be fun but instead do it for some sort of social status.  I guess that is kindof like me writing this post now.  Were we always so selfish to the point of limiting ourselves and ripping ourselves off from the pleasure of living?

I don’t know, maybe people enjoy that sorta thing.  Maybe I’m just the odd one out.  Maybe society is something in which I was never meant to take part.

However, maybe my odd love for walking is the reason I SHOULD take part in society.  Everyone has their quirks and that’s what makes the world so beautiful.  Diversity is such an amazing thing that many of us take for granted, especially when it comes to our own differences.  It is amazing how many of us wish to change who we are, if even just a little.

It took me a very long time to realize that we are who we are meant to be and if there are any changes we want to make to ourselves, those changes should be for ourselves.  In this life we should not be striving to be someone else or be jealous of their accomplishments and appearance.  We should be proud of those people as well as supportive.  We should be proud of ourselves as well; of our accomplishments and our unique appearances.  There is so much beauty within us and many people bury it in jealousy.

Jealousy is a strong and destructive emotion that consumes many minds.  It seeps into your soul on your inhale, like a sickly sweet perfume, and it sticks thickly on your skin until it is the only thing you can smell.  It coats your eyes like oil and turns your mind into a terrible record on repeat.  We grow tense, filled with such intense anguish and so we suffer, forgetting that we only need breathe out.

Sometimes, when it’s quiet, I like to look out my window.  I see all the cars rushing by, in a hurry to go nowhere important. ©a medly of the old and new 884


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