Winter Wonderland

DSCN0120The Yukon has a different meaning for everyone.  Some people can’t stand the long, dry, cold winters while others thrive in the desolation and ferocity of it all.  For me, this is a place where one may find themselves or lose themselves.  It is a vast wilderness that consumes your soul no matter how much or how little you want to resist.  I am always resisting yet always find myself surprised by the beauty of it all and yearn to take another bite.


There is nothing like climbing to the top of a mountain and seeing nothing in the form of civilization except perhaps an empty road.  From up there you see nothing but little tree tops and other mountains.  You see rivers  and you see a vast, unpolluted sky. Every direction in which you cast your gaze is a postcard and every breath you take is crisp and fresh like the scent of a new novel.



This place can drive you mad… at least when you are going about your daily life in the “city” but when you get the chance to run away into the woods, that madness is calmed and replaced with a sense of awe.  You get lost in emptiness of it all and lose track of time.  None of that seems to matter anymore.  All that matters is what you are seeing and have the chance to see.  There is no rush.


When I run away I like to bring my camera and capture what I see, in hopes of capturing the emotion along with it.  I got away a few times this December and I am I not disappointed in what I brought back with me. ©


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