First Blog Post

I never thought that I would find it so difficult to come up with my first post, and yet here I am at a loss.  What does a person write in their first post?  Should I say who I am or what I am planning to blog about?  What do I do when there is no one subject I want to build my blog upon?  Maybe, considering I don’t know how to answer any of that, I should just ramble away and see where these words take me.

I honestly don’t know what I expect to come of this blog but maybe someone, somewhere out there, will possibly enjoy it.  Maybe my thoughts or doings are more interesting than I like to give them credit for.  I guess I’ll find out.

I have tried many hobbies but never this one.  Considering I enjoy reading, writing, etc. it seems a bit odd that I am so late to get on the bandwagon with blogging.   I’m here now though and that’s what matters.

I am sure this wasn’t very insightful at all but there you have it, my first blog post 🙂 ©


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